Ian Lenehan, BSC Pod.M


Mr Ian Lenehan, BSC Pod.M, is an HCPC registered and well established Podiatrist in Kent. He has more than 25 years’ experience and has been running his practice at The Longfield Centre for more than 15 years.
He provides an holistic view to treating you, looking at every area that may be related to your pains or problems and has a wealth of experience in treating and curing a wide range of conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.
His area of interest is cure and prevention, focusing on immediate care, long term management and prevention of foot and related problems (ankle, knee hip and back).
Continued professional development is at the heart of The Longfield Foot Clinic, operated by Ian Lenehan. By liaising with the best research scientists in the world and attending globally renowned conferences it allows the clinic to provide you with the best care, solutions and treatment.

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